Do you have annoying niggles and pains which never seem to go away?

Do you find yourself injured too often through exercise (or lack of)?

Feeling frustrated that no matter what stretches you do, the area is still in pain?

If so, this will really benefit you.

I was having a chat with a client the other day.

She brought up her relief..

Over how injuries she once thought chronic, were a thing of the past. 

And how despite warming up, she always used feel shooting pains which would stop her from exercising. 

And it got me thinking again…

About the vital shift our clients make to cure aches and pains for good. 

And that’s warming up properly.

⏩Taking the body dynamically through complete ranges of motion βͺ


Going straight in for stretches or doing jumping jacks. 

Doing this properly acts as ‘check in’ for your body.

A movement MOT.

Allowing you to find weakness, pain and imbalances which means:

βœ… You have long term bulletproof system for staying pain free

Ready to get some help?

Our Over 30’s Health & Body Transformation Programme includes:

⏩  121 Outdoor Training, Building Strength, Mobility and Stamina πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ

⏩  Nutrition Programming (you don’t have to give up wine) 🍷

⏩  Accountability 🎯

⏩  Guaranteed results πŸ†

⏩  24/7 support and guidance 🀼

Ready to apply? Click here: and we will be in touch to arrange your consultation πŸ™‚ 

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