One of if not THE most common mistakes 95% of my clients make is getting hell bent on the ‘skinny’ look.

It’s kinda the same as someone whose looking to GAIN weight saying ‘ I want to get fat’.

…… It just makes absolutely zero sense.

Craving the skinny look is really just a mindset issue and a complete false economy, here’s why:

> Your focus / goals completely dictate the actions you’ll start taking to reach it <

Want skinny and that ‘thigh gap’?

I’ll bet you’re doing loads of cardio, struggling with food, hungry all the time, feeling guilty and depressed whenever you slip up and eat ‘bad’ food.

The worst part of all this effort and sacrifice?

> Despite shifting some body weight you’re STILL not happy with the way you look and feel like crap most the time.

Hard hitting, I know, but being honest seems to be something this industry misses.

Honestly, I don’t blame anyone going down this road – there’s so much utter BS out there in the media preaching methods which are just flat out garbage.

Anyway, here are three vital steps that need to be taken to start making great progress towards the body you want:


1. Mindset shift from ‘skinny’ to ‘strong’

What I can guarantee is this, the lean, toned BEST version of yourself is actually going to be a heavier body weight than you’re aiming for.

1 lb of muscle takes up a lot less room than fat AND burns significantly more energy (calories).

Hence why more muscle gain = higher metabolic rate = eat more food and burn more fat.

The misconception here is that lifting weights will give you the bulky look… wrong.

> Having excessive body fat does <

Female fitness models who rock the most aesthetic physiques attainable for a women – are significantly stronger than most and very, very lean. These gals are not bulky.


2. Start lifting weights to build some lean muscle tissue.

Resistance training is THE most effective method for optimising health, body composition and ultimately getting the lean, toned and sleek look you’re after.

Cardio burns energy, sure, but over time, combined with eating too little reduces lean muscle mass, reducing metabolic rate, reducing the amount you can eat which over time, destroys hormonal profiles and makes life impossible.

Hit the weights!


3. EAT MORE of everything, in particular Protein

It’s crazy how much freedom you can actually have in your diet and STILL reach optimum health and get the lean, toned body you’re after.

Heavily restricting the body (also widely known as starving)…. doesn’t fuel anything other than imbalance, depression and binge eating on the weekends.

Food is fuel, not the enemy.

This is sequential and making it all happen takes just stepping on foot in front of the other.

Oh yer, and don’t give up – ever. Keep on pushing!

If this resonates with you and you’re seriously stuck – lets’ set up a complimentary call to help get you some clarity and direction! Book yourself in below!


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