The biggest mistake people make is sacrificing all the foods they enjoy, being obsessed with clean eating and cutting out carbohydrates as a means to shift weight.
This works – and well – to a point. For most this can’t be sustained as there’s just no middle ground, zero compromise and doesn’t suit lifestyle.
It’s so difficult because:
> It’s a daily battle fighting against yourself, the stress of battling your cravings and feeling guilty whenever you slip up and eat ‘bad’ food <
All of this in ADDITION to getting to the gym and working out is usually too much – too much, and far too soon and TRUTH is getting the body and health you want doesn’t require these extremes.
Once you fix this and get to grips with the larger picture from which these tactics STEM, I guarantee you can enjoy consistent, measurable fat loss without ever stressing over food again – you have your freedom back.
So, if you’re doing this and struggling – here are three steps to get on track:
> Look into flexible dieting
Flexible dieting is a big step in the right direction to get complete freedom with food, check this out – google is a good start.
> Drop the associations with food as being ‘good’ and ‘bad’
Carbohydrates (like ANY food) are not inherently good or bad, that’s just an association given to them from a faulty belief system. Food it is what it IS… food (fuel).
I’m not going to be a total nonse here, of course some food doesn’t sit well with certain people (intolerance’s etc) – but you get the big picture.
> Stop blaming yourself
Sure, getting where you want to be means diligently sticking to a system which works for you – but aside from that – beyond actually DOING it there shouldn’t be too many hiccups along the way.
If you’re really struggling and feel like crap most the time – it’s more than likely your strategy – change it by looking into the two above steps and learn how to fit the good stuff in.
That’s all folks!

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