With fat loss I always ‘knew how to do it’, had some success every now and then but hated the idea of trying again. I thought the real problem was with myself and not being able to ‘do what it takes’ to see it through.
I couldn’t stand ‘dieting’, eating 5 /6 times a day, sacrificing all the foods I loved (whenever I did, I just craved them even more) and doing cardio.
This is actually what most people think – that getting lean involves some sort of jedi mental fortitude, wiping out all the foods we enjoy in replacement for chicken salads and training every day.
This just couldn’t be further from the truth.
Cutting out carbs, eating super clean and increasing meal frequency may help to shift some weight – but what we’re NOT being told is that they’re only tactics which are part of the huge picture (which usually isn’t explained) which is ALSO why diets are such a pain in the ass.
Understanding the big picture unlocks the following:
> No more dieting
>No more restriction
> No more training all the time and doing workouts you hate.
And shifting MORE weight with less effort.
Sounds too good to be true – well it isn’t, this exists.
The big picture in this sense is energy balancing.
The body functions on a rolling average of energy intake, the levels of which govern weight loss, weight maintenance and weight gain.
Slicing carbs, replacing meals with salad and training every day (without managing other really important variables) just does two things, both equally detrimental:
> Creates a massive negative energy balance (totally unsustainable for the body)
> Promotes over training, very quickly, through under recovery.
This combination is doomed from the start without even mentioning how miserable the actual eating part is.
Fat loss needs to fuelled, usually with more food and less training than people think.
If you’re struggling, go back to basics (or start at the basics) with energy balancing and configure your nutrition, meal planning and training volume from there.
Without it, life is hard, too hard.
That’s all for now!

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