Spoiler alert* this one’s on food, no surprise.

Weight loss pills – for real why are people still continuing to fall for this stuff?

I’ve just come off the phone with a lady this morning who has always been skipping in between ‘quick fixes’.

She just purchased some pills which claim to shred fat by ‘absorbing 70% of the carbohydrates from food and 30% of Fat which ignites the toxic sludge’…..

When I hear this my blood boils – of course not at the individual for taking them but the companies producing / promoting this absolute garbage.

This is the definition of taking advantage and providing zero value to people.

The definition of putting revenue first and well, the person’s health doesn’t actually come into it at all.

Are there supplements out there which have a place? Sure thing, when taken in the right circumstance they can help out (and that’s the key part – ‘right circumstance’, not ‘any circumstance’).

Wouldn’t it be liberating to know you can actually get down to a super healthy weight through just:

– Focusing on consistent activity

– Eating the correct proportions of Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat (yes, a good balance of all three)

In essence that’s really it. I know it sounds crazy simple – but the most effective strategies out there always tend to be the most simple > it’s no different for health and well being.

Avoid falling into the trap of buying pills and thinking they’re the answer > they’re not (I guarantee you that).

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