One of the largest mistakes people make is thinking more training will offset a poor diet.

We ALL know…

It doesn’t work.

Yet people continue to stay stuck.

👉 Stuck, dropping in and out of hard routines.

👉 Stuck in the cycle of eating and drinking too much, followed by eating salads.

👉 Stuck, going from year to year either:

Failing to make any progress or…

Going backwards and gaining more weight.

Here are 2 steps to fix it ⏬

✅  Get In Control Of Your Food Intake

To be clear…

I don’t mean ‘eat healthier’

That’s the same as trying to save money by ‘spending less’, without actually looking at your bank account.


We need to be looking at numbers.

Calorie numbers.

Protein numbers.

Carbohydrate numbers.

Fat numbers.

Be precise, otherwise time is wasted.

✅ Allow Yourself Treats  

A good fat loss diet means you can eat and drink whatever you like in moderation.

Catch is…

You won’t know what moderation is until following the first step.

It’s a numbers game.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Get it right, results are guaranteed.

Guaranteed with far less effort and far less stress.  

So get in control 👍

Do you want some help?

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