You decide to start playing guitar.

Show up, strum away 5 x per week for 1 hour with no real structure. 

Creating a whole lot of noise.

Upsetting the neighbours…

After 2 weeks of little progress (and hurting fingers) you hang it up. 

Not for you. 

Now… this approach is obviously insane….

Anyone can see

That it guarantees failure

❌ No Structure

❌ Not Progressive

❌ In turn, not Enjoyable

This used to be the norm for our clients in relation to their fitness routines.

Forever stuck in the cycle of:

✔ Yo yo dieting

✔ Starting and stopping fitness regimes

✔ Gaining weight, losing it with extreme measure, then putting it back on again.

✔ Feeling like fitness is a chore

✔ Feeling frustrated long term 

Good news is… 

Fixing this is all very simple.

Because these are all symptoms of just one problem ⏬

 ❌ Failing to find a Structured & Progressive Routine

Structure and progression are the foundation for:

✅ Enjoying the Routine

Because you see…

✅ Progression

We enjoy what we get better at!

What we enjoy, we stick to long term…

Need some help?

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