During one of my online check ins, my client asked me…

‘Andrew, I want to feel smaller and would like to drop more weight, what sort of body weight do I need to be, I really do not want to go over ‘x’ kilograms’

My answer to this question is always the same.

Focusing on weight loss is a massive mistake ❌


It’s dangerous (causing changes in hormonal profiles, loss of periods, drop in testosterone.


Won’t deliver the leaner, toned, fitter body you’re after. 

So we need to shift focus.

Away from weight loss…

✔ And onto reducing body fat, whilst preserving lean body mass (muscle tissue)

This takes a refined approach.

Here are 3 steps to achieve this safely:

👉 Carefully Monitor Calories From Food

Science means we can accurately measure how much energy we burn at rest, how much energy we burn during activity and how much energy we need to survive.

Calories from our food must be at the right levels or no fat loss will happen. Too low and we risk the dangers of weight loss. It MUST be done correctly.

👉 Start Strength Training

This will ensure we build lean muscle tissue, whilst boosting energy burned throughout the day (so we can eat more food whilst burning the fat)

👉 Track, Manage and Adjust

✔ Hitting daily calories
✔ Completing weekly workout volume

Means we can track our progress and make small changes to ensure we’re burning body fat at a steady, consistent rate each week.

Follow these three steps, and you’ll be on track to achieve the body of your dreams and never have to battle with weight loss again.

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