The other day I was approached by a chap asking for help.

He suffered from chronic back and neck pain.

And really wanted to shift stubborn belly fat for good.

I asked him about what he’s tried, what he’s doing now etc to gain some context.

He told me about the programme he’s been following….


If anything, it was making his issues far worse.

And it just served as a reminder..

That following the RIGHT programme, suited specifically for your goals is so important

Not just because you risk wasting time on a plan which might not work.  

But whether it’s weight gain, aches or pains.

You’re risking making it all worse.

I spent just 5 minutes with him.

Slicing through his false beliefs over what needed to be done.

And showed him just one vital shift in approach that will help him reduce pain, reduce body fat and feel stronger.

Which is:

 ⏩ Building Balanced Strength Throughout The Body

NOT, picking random ‘fat burning’ exercises from Youtube.

But doing exercises which get a lot of muscles working together, in the right way, which reinforce good posture.

Need some help?

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