Train once per week.

Stay consistent 52 weeks of the year.

You’re going to be 52 sessions better off than 1 year ago.

That’s significant 🚀

Are you guilty of following routines which are totally unsustainable??

Feeling like you’re wasting your time if you don’t train most days??

I used to think I was wasting my time…

If I didn’t train every day.

If I didn’t push myself to the max.

I used to model routines that professional athletes did.

I thought it was the only option to progress and reach my goals. 

Let me tell you…

It just led to years of burning out, hating my routine.

Worst of all..

Making ZERO progress.

Most of our clients have struggled at some point with the same.

Feeling sick and tired, wanting to make a change.

Then going GUN-HO into a routine which:

❌ Zaps all free time
❌ Demands sacrificing our favourite foods
❌ Forces exercise methods which are too difficult. 

And quitting after one month…

Here are three VITAL steps to fix this:

✅ Manage Expectations

You probably have a family, other people to prioritise, a very demanding work schedule.

So deciding to train most days just won’t work. 

If you only train once per week, sure, it’s not optimal, but it’s a lot better than none. 

✅ Follow The Right Advice

No, Karen your triathlon friend who trains every day isn’t the right source of info 😂

You need highly time efficient, ultra- progressive exercise methods. 

From someone who has progressed, and has a similar lifestyle to you.


From someone who understands the problems you face. 

✅ Stay Consistent


Even if you can only train once per week.

Your 52 sessions better off in one year. 

Ready to fast track yourself to success?

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