Working from home.

Glued to the desk.

Back to back zoom meetings.

Just enough time to grab a tea in between.

Little to no breaks.

This is a daily situation for one of my clients.

Creating a plethora of issues….

Pain in neck, wrist and back.

Uncomfortable tightness in hips.

Making it difficult to stick to be effective in her workouts.

Despite training 3 x per week, her work schedule was REALLY beginning to take its toll on her body.

She was missing one VITAL ingredient 🔽

❌ Lack of daily activity

It’s so important to remember…

Despite training 3 x per week, the body NEEDS to move on off days.

✅ To maintain balance between muscle groups
✅ To help shuttle nutrients to areas which need recovery
✅ To feel better

Sitting down for too long just creates pain.

Pain that can feel chronic.

30 minutes of walking per day (or 5000 steps) is a minimum.

Break it down into 3 x 10 minute power walks throughout the day.

And see how much better you feel.

You got this 💪

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