Find commercial gyms boring?

Find they can be intimidating?

Find them utterly overwhelming and stressful?

This is very normal, all of our clients generally feel the same way. Heck, I even felt the same way.

There are strategies to manage the stress, for example…

– Not winging it and having a structure

– Understanding alternatives to use in case someone is using the equipment you want.

– Avoiding contact with most people, going in, head down and getting it done. 

All made it better. 


Since COVID 19 and training clients outdoors became the norm, we realised something…

There was NO stress 🕊

We can train in the sun 🌞

There’s no contact with people you don’t want to speak to.

Being outside puts us in good spirits. 

There’s infinite space. 

All of which make training outside A LOT more enjoyable. 

So get out there, and get training!

Let us know if you need some help 🙂

Our Over 30’s Health & Body Transformation Programme includes:

– 121 Outdoor Training, building strength, mobility and fitness 🏋️‍♀️

– Nutrition programming (you don’t have to give up wine) 🍷

– Accountability 🎯

– Guaranteed results 🏆

– 24/7 support and guidance 🤼

Ready to apply? Click here: and we will be in touch to arrange your consultation 🙂 

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