During our consultations, we always ask..

What is the best result you could achieve for yourself 12 months from now?

👉 Wanting to live healthier, feel younger and move pain free

👉 Wanting to live longer, move better and boost energy

Are the most common answers we get.


Our clients have tried many times before.

But hit brick wall, after brick wall.

✔ Feeling stuck
✔ Not knowing what to do
✔ Feeling like they cannot help themselves.
✔ Going around in circles.
✔ Some, sick to death of seeing their GP seeking solutions, only to get prescribed medication to deal with symptoms.

It’s important to realise…

Achieving your 12 month goal is doable, usually in far less time than you think.

Here are three steps to get on track ⏬

✅ Find a Routine Designed For Your Goal, Lifestyle and BASE Level of Fitness

Suffering from knee, hip or back pain?

Running is literally the worst thing you can do.

Stretching on it’s own won’t solve it either.

Know what you want and start seeking practical solutions to get you there 👍

It’s no good picking a routine which is random and demands too much.

It’ll last a few weeks.

Then back to square one.

Find a routine which works around your lifestyle and is HIGHLY focused towards your goal.

✅ Track, Manage and Adjust

There is no way of seeing improvement without careful tracking. This goes for both your nutrition and workouts.

Sure, in the beginning ‘moving more and eating less’ will work up to a point, but THIS is the difference between reaching what you want, or settling for less.

Be precise.

Reap the long term rewards 🏆

Ready to fast track yourself to success?

Apply to our Over 30’s Health and Body Transformation Programme here: www.body-right.com/join.

And one of our team will be in touch to arrange your free consultation. 

To your success 🏆

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