I used to think training to complete exhaustion 3 – 5 x per week was the only way to progress.

I always felt tired.


Low on motivation.

A daily battle to stay productive.

I felt like quitting.

But relying on willpower alone, I managed to keep it up.

Did I enjoy training?

No, not really.

But I believed the ONLY way to reach my goals, was through pain and suffering.

❌I had little to no free time 

❌Stressed over social gatherings because I didn’t want to ‘slip’ and eat too much 

❌Felt guilty whenever I did

Felt like I was going around in circles.


The largest mistake anyone can make is relying on training hard, to exhaustion as the marker for success.

It doesn’t always result in progress, can lead to exhaustion and over time, actually hating your routine.

I made one huge shift which unlocked higher productivity, more energy and a strong, healthy body to match.  

I learned how to train SMART, not hard.

Carefully tracking and managing my workouts, never working to exhaustion.

✅ Meaning less training, better results.

✅ More energy to focus on other areas of life.

✅ Freedom to do more.

✅ Feeling a great sense of control over your health long term. 

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