Transforming your health and body long term means doing two things:

⏩ Understanding food groups and calorie controlling the diet.

⏩ Adopting a training model that works for your goal, lifestyle and preferences. 

The question is which training model do you need?

If you’ve been largely inactive for years.

And have 1 – 2 stone to lose. 

With a busy work schedule and family to prioritise.

Deciding to go for a run or doing the latest HIT workout every day is unlikely to serve you.


They both are too generic, and likely to:

✅ Be too hard to stick to when you can’t be arsed

✅ Injure you

✅ Bore you

All of which mean quitting at some point. 

So, what’s the specfic approach that’s needed?

⏩ A programme that builds balanced strength throughout the body ⏪


✅ Is Time Efficient (no more than 3 x 30 – 40  minute sessions during the week)

✅ Easier to get done if you’re too tired (Strength training doesn’t exhaust you the same way cardio will)

✅ Yield measurable results pretty quickly (Keeping you in the game and consistent) 

✅ Allow you to eat more food in the day whilst staying in a calorie deficit. 

Keep it simple. Start with one exercise for each of the following movements:

Squat pattern
Hinge pattern
Lunge pattern
Push pattern
Pull pattern
Core rotation pattern

Ready to fast track yourself to success?

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To your success 🏆 

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