Have you ever…

Self-talked yourself out of continuing a plan, because you’ve missed workouts and feel unsure whether you can commit to doing the work required?

And feel as if there’s no point doing it all if you can’t follow through with it?

And then abandoned it all, slipping back into old ways?

Guilty ☝

Most think this is a lifestyle problem, including:

⏩Their Day Being Too Busy

⏩ Having Other People To Prioritise

⏩ Lack of Willpower

Although important factors, they’re not the REAL reason why this cycle keeps happening.

The real issue here is with your:

✅ Expectations

Over what’s REALISTIC for you.

UNREALISTIC expectations = choosing the wrong plans which:

 ❌Require too much effort 

❌Require too much time 

And will never work beyond 4 weeks of jedi-like willpower. 

Realistic expectations = choosing the right plans which:

✅ Require the MINIMAL amount of effort

✅ Require no ‘extra’ time, just a change in how its used.


That managing your expectations is KEY to blending your health and fitness routine into life.

And IS the difference between reaching your goals.

And continuing to go around in circles. 

To your success 🏆

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