Truth is, most of my clients are tired, stressed out and in a terrible state from being chewed up and spit out of another diet which actually leaves them in WORSE condition than starting.
By worse I actually mean re- gaining the weight they lost and having no idea why. What the heck right?
For real, it’s usually nothing to do with actual ability to succeed and shift the body fat – that’s completely achievable for anyone with the right system in place.
It’s got A LOT to do with understanding what you’re actually doing to yourself by jumping straight into a cookie-cutter diet, which is:
> Jumping into the deep end without realising it’s the deep end AND not being able to swim.
The challenge? It’s massive.
The chance of failure? Huge.
The worst part of it all?
The restriction, deprivation and fatigue you’re putting yourself through isn’t only physically damaging, but it’s completely unnecessary.
I’m being super direct here because beating around the bush doesn’t help anyone.
Sustained fat loss is a learned behaviour which requires a few necessary steps to get right.
Here are three laws which will prevent you from ever drowning in another diet plan and unlock the results you actually want for your body and health:
1. Do the RIGHT things
This is the big picture which you’re probably missing, and that’s putting the body into a moderate calorie deficit. That’s eating marginally less food than the body burns.
Secondly this involves eating the CORRECT levels of macronutrients to make sure your metabolism runs smoothly, lean mass is supported and hormones are kept in check.
Thirdly this involves partitioning the above into a sustainable meal plan which fits around YOUR lifestyle.
Finally this involves training (see how this is only 25% of the equation for fat loss?? Which leads me onto…
2. Doing these things in the RIGHT ORDER
Smashing the pavement and gym every day, eating super clean and /or eliminating foods enjoyed from your diet is not an order – it’s mayhem – and that’s gonna be reflected in your haphazard, inconsistent results.
So – get things in order and learn energy balancing first, nutrition second, meal planning third and training LAST.
3. The right WAY.
This means fine tuning and optimising your new system to accelerate results.
This is sequential, and making lasting change usually means taking a step back before moving forward.
Be determined, push forwards and you’ll get the results – remember, fat loss is a means to improved confidence, body image and LIFE – don’t expect things to happen overnight, so make your actions count and follow the right system!

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