Gym Anxiety – How Do We Get Over This?

This really is a common theme with my clients and actually super, super common.

We’re motivated, ready to kick start the plan… and the fear of going to the gym creep
s in.

Thoughts of everyone looking at us…..

Thoughts of everyone judging us……

Thoughts of looking silly….

All creep into our heads – and unfortunately can really be a stick in the mud to get over.

I completely GET IT.

Self proclaimed king of anxiety right here… (through experience of course).

So – what steps need to be taken ?

1. Acceptance

Accept the way we feel is the way we feel – fighting it will only make the situation worse. Trying to ‘figure out’ the cure to anxiety (in any department) is as effective as trying to put out fire with fire… it only adds to the confusion. Accept the feelings of apprehension, accept the feelings of worry and..

2. Do it anyway

More often than not the very thing we feel anxious and bothered about is the very thing we need to do in order to progress and move forwards – it’s in fact, a very good sign. Take a moment, breath, go back to point number one – fully accept the uncomfortable feelings and do it anyway regardless of the outcome.

3. Fail to plan, plan to fail

Very important. Have a workout plan to follow and write it down. Focus all of your attention onto the plan whilst in the gym and practice re-shifting focus onto the next exercise, the next set and taking one step forward at a time. It’s a well known fact that people leaning pretty high on the anxiety spectrum have a tendency to not write stuff down – which only makes the situation 10 x worse…. *cough* guilty.

4. Remember – no-one cares

Although this is an absolute classic bit of advice people love to dish out to anxiety sufferers (and it doesn’t feel like it helps one bit) – it does help as a gentle reminder. People honestly are far more concerned with their own actions than yours. No-one judges us more than we judge ourselves. Always remember this – smile, and carry on:)

5. Trust the system

Believe in your coach and the system. You know what I truly love about helping people improve their fitness and body composition?

It’s watching my clients overcome their fears and learning to love themselves.

Learning how to take control over ones fitness is a huge catalyst for positive, on going change in somebody’s life. It’s really just a matter of finding a blueprint that guarantees success and sticking to it.

Find that blueprint – stick to it no matter what.

Do it with a smile

Do it with enthusiasm

Stay consistent…

And watch the results flood in.

Stay strong,


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