Our client John had surgery on his knee two years ago.

This made his profession as a skateboarding / ski instructor really difficult.

Suffering from constant pain and swelling, he reached out for help.

Previous rehabilation programmes just didn’t work. 

After our first consultation, it was clear what was needed.

We set goals 🎯

And got to action…

In just 12 weeks ⏬

✅ Knee pain and swelling eradicated.

✅ 5 kilograms of body fat 👇

✅ Starting strength TRIPLED.

✅ Improved mobility, leading to less injuries at work.

✅ Energy boosted, meaning he can coach more clients and earn more 💰

It’s so important to remember…

There is no shortcut. 

👉 Fixing Body Pain

👉 Building Muscle

👉 Losing Body Fat


Time ⌚

Consistency 📈

But you MUST be doing the right things, in the right order. 

Show up, do the right things, win the prize 🏆

Ready to get some help? We are looking for just 5 busy professionals who want to:

✅ Lose Weight
✅ Fix Pain
✅ Build Strength
✅ Create A Healthier Lifestyle Long Term

Apply to our over 30’s 8 Week Online Programme here. One of the team will reach out to you for a chat about your goals and to show where we can help.

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