Low Motivation? Lacking Willpower?

This is the KILLER of long term success 🔪 It’s easy to complete hard tasks when we feel like it. Truth is, it’s how we act when we DON’T feel like it which makes the difference long term ⏬ Remember Your ‘Why’. This is a very powerful motivator, and easy to forget once we get […]

Why eliminating foods you enjoy kills progress and STEALS freedom

 The biggest mistake people make is sacrificing all the foods they enjoy, being obsessed with clean eating and cutting out carbohydrates as a means to shift weight.   This works – and well – to a point. For most this can’t be sustained as there’s just no middle ground, zero compromise and doesn’t suit lifestyle. […]

Why ‘dieting’ usually sucks

With fat loss I always ‘knew how to do it’, had some success every now and then but hated the idea of trying again. I thought the real problem was with myself and not being able to ‘do what it takes’ to see it through.   I couldn’t stand ‘dieting’, eating 5 /6 times a […]