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What’s your end goal and why? Most will start a new exercise regime loosely knowing what they want, googling a workout routine claiming to yield the results and crack into it. There’s nothing wrong with this, and actually, this is a great thing as we need this pro activity to get started.  Clearly the issue here is not pro activity –  it’s dedication. Hurdles will be encountered which are normal with any new goal, but these wobbles cause debilitating doubt and often lead to quitting entirely. Why is this happening, especially when motivation was so high at the start?

In terms of fitness there are many, many reasons as to why following ‘flash bang’ (as I like to call them) free online fitness programmes fail, but this article is directed at your own accountability for results. Before starting any programme, sit down and truly figure out what you want and why, find out where your values are. If your health and fitness aren’t part of your values then it’s quite simple – you won’t stick to it. Tie your fitness in with an end result – how do you want to look and why? Why will this make your life better? Could it be increased vitality? Increased well being? Increased drive and productivity? Whatever the goal, the very act of writing it down forces clarification on what you really want. Make an emotional connection with the end result, visualise it and TRULY WANT IT.

Beginning with the end in mind means starting your programme with a very clear understanding of your destination (and why you want to get there). From this point follow your blueprint like your life depends on it and when progress stalls, or you hit a setback, refer back to your original goal and remind yourself of why you wanted it in the first place! This will give you the energy to carry on.

A skyscraper isn’t just built under a snap, emotional decision – it starts with a clear vision, plotted carefully into an intricate blueprint which caters for as many eventualities and setbacks as possible. Every day, the blueprint is referred back to for ensuring the project is on track and everyone is completely clear on their actions for that day – a sustainable, manageable and consistent system is created to ensure progress towards the end result.  How often is a project scrapped half way in? Very rarely – because it’s all been acknowledged and catered for at the beginning! Treat your fitness programme the same way! You need to plan it, feel it and cater for set backs!

At the end of the day, we’re all fully accountable for the results we achieve or not. The key here is to have laser-like focus on your end goal. Along the way you will encounter setbacks which will test your will power – keep your will power strong by constantly reminding yourself of your end goal and why you wanted it in the first place!


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