I had a very candid chat with one of our clients the other day.

He was beginning to feel low on motivation…

Feeling like his initial burst of enjoyment towards working out was beginning to fizzle…

Like he was beginning to struggle with the discipline of tracking his food…

And feelings of guilt that he slipped up and drunk far too much wine over the weekend made him feel like he might not be able to see it through…

Do you know what this reminded me of?

Thoughts and feelings that I go through as well as MANY others who have achieved their goals.

It’s SO important to realise.

That we are human…

And these thoughts and feelings every now and then are normal!


👉 This is actually where the hard work starts 👈

The mental side of getting what we want 🧠  

✅ Learning to overcome our own negativity to achieve our goals.

✅ Moving forwards despite temporarily, not wanting to.

Here are two vital shifts we need to make to stay on track:

⏩ Accepting Our Thoughts & Feelings

Give up the fight.

Trying to fight them keeps this ‘lull’ going for longer, adding fuel the fire and increasing stress.

Let them be, accept them. They’re normal.

This means we can start to detach and get back to normal sooner.

⏩ Reframe

Jig our memory as to why we’re here, following this process. Remember your why.

What do you want in 12 months time and why is that important to you?

Really remember it, let it sink in again.

⏩ Action

Get back on track, follow the process.

I know it’s challenging, but what in life worth having isn’t?

Follow these three steps and you’ll have a fail proof system for always staying on track to your health and fitness goals.

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