Feeling uncomfortable in clothes

Not happy with what you see in the mirror

Enough is enough.

Hit the gym, do lots of cardio.

Try to eat healthier.

Full on work schedule.

Family to prioritise.

2 /3 weeks pass, life takes over, you’re missing sessions.

Fitness routine slumps.. and stops.

And so the cycle continues

This is a very common situation my clients face.

Feeling ⏬

Stuck 😒
Demotivated 😒
Forever looking for quick fixes 😒

The real problem is failing to create lasting change.

Want to fix this for good?

Here are 3 VERY important steps:

✅ Understand Food 

Any diet chosen that’s labelled (keto, Cambridge, paleo etc) is extreme and won’t work long term.

Yes, Karen from next door might have lost 20lbs in a few months using one.

But I guarantee she will fall off the wagon, sooner or later ❌

We need to understand:

Calories ✔
Macros ✔
How MUCH of each to eat in order to get your result ✔

✅ Start Training NOT Exercising

Training is goal orientated, progressive, trackable and NOT random. This means you facilitate getting better.

Getting Better = Satisfaction 😊

Satisfaction = Sticking to the programme long term 😊

Doing loads of cardio is random and will fail.

Be Realistic

You probably don’t have the free time to be training 5 x per week

How about 2 – 3 x per week?

Start small, be consistent.

Need some help?

Book yourself in for your FREE STRATEGY call here to discuss your goals, struggles with achieving them and receive clarity and direction to make them happen!


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