Do you struggle to eat healthily after slipping up and eating bad food? 🥐

My client mentioned the internal battle to stay on plan after slipping up and eating ‘bad’ food.

Thoughts like… 

‘’What’s the point’’

‘’F*** it, might as well forget the nutrition plan today then’’

Would always creep into his head.

And lead him down a path of binge eating all day.

Creating more and more guilt.

And pushing him further and further away from his goals.

This is such a common issue.

ONE bad move…

Creating a catalyst of worse moves thereafter.

That isn’t even the biggest problem.

The biggest problem is the negative relationship being forged with certain foods, and the fact that if unchecked will lead to abandoning the entire plan all together.

But, how do we fix this?

🔑Drop Unrealistic Expectations

Believe me when I tell you, eating clean 100% of the time is NOT feasible.

70-80% of the time… yes.

In one entire day of eating, slipping up and choosing the wrong thing one time is no issue… as long as you follow the rules and get straight back on the plan.

Do not expect yourself to be perfect 100% of the time.

🔑Plan Better  

We are all human.

We all wake up and feel like s*** sometimes.

Feeling tired, on top of that sleeping in too late and feeling rushed.  

It gets very difficult to make good food choices in this state.

So plan ahead, what’s your contingency for when this is going to happen?

Stock up on fast, high protein snacks that you can grab in a rush.

🔑Think Of The Big Picture

You’re in this for the long haul, chill.

You’re going to slip up here and there, it’s your ability to reframe your ‘slip up’s that’s the difference between staying on a destructive path, or choosing to get back onto the right one.

To your success 🏆


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