Recently, we had a consultation with a professional skateboarding coach.

Years ago, he tore his meniscus and badly sprained his shoulder.

Giving him constant daily problems. 

Despite seeing countless physiotherapists…

And trying their exercises for some time..

NOTHING was working. 

Understandably, he felt demotivated. 

Dropping in and out of routines constantly.

Never seeing progress.

With hours spent on his feet at a time, his issues were getting worse. 

He felt like he was ‘falling apart’

Unfortunately, this predicament is common for many of our clients.

❌ Living in Pain
❌ Struggling to find a routine that works around their busy schedule

We knew he would be a great fit for our programme, so invited him on board. 

After just 2 weeks, he couldn’t BELIEVE the amount of progress he’d made.

Feeling more mobile, pain free and stronger than he’d been in years!

And we’re only just getting started 😏

There are 2 simple steps we use with our programmes, to get these kind of results:

✅ Keep It Simple

If you understand it, you’ll stick to it.

✅ Create Balanced Strength Throughout The Body

Taking the body through full ranges of motion.

Looking particularly at key movements to see where restrictions are and slowly breaking through them.

Adding resistance where possible. 

Follow these 2 steps, and we guarantee you’ll be on track to correct pain and stay consistent long term 🏆

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