I used to hit the treadmill after weight sessions.

Getting sweaty.

Getting VERY bored.

And feeling a sense of dread looking at my watch, realising I’ve still got another 20 minutes left 😲

BUT, I pushed through every time.

Believing that with each minute I slaved away, I’m dropping a bit more body fat

Getting closer to my goals.

To my dismay…

My trousers never felt looser, shirts forever a bit too tight.

I remember just feeling stuck and frustrated.

Putting in so much work but reaping very little rewards.

Doing my best to stick to random diets but always giving up after maybe three days.

And wondering how the heck the lean, strong guys manage to get into that kind of shape.

Nothing changed, until I made one vital discovery

Everything I thought I knew about fat loss diets was wrong.

To me diets used to equal restriction, sacrifice, suffering, stress, willpower.

Truth is, I was just following the WRONG diets.

And didn’t have the knowledge to implement the right one.

When I did…

Over 6 months I hit 8% body fat whilst:

✅ Doing zero cardio
✅ Optimising my health
✅ Building a strong, pain free body
✅ Having ultra flexibility over food
✅ Eating large, satisfying meals
✅ Never feeling guilty over eating what I wanted.

This is the power over the RIGHT diet.

It unlocks measurable and motivating progress week to week.

And allows you to achieve exactly what you want 😇

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