The Most Efficient Way To Lose Weight

The most commonly asked question…

“I want to lose x amount of weight in x amount of time. How can I do this?”

And these are the things we always advise ⏬

Quit eating junk food – Seems pretty obvious but you would be surprised. Many people think if they come to the gym 3 days a week they can carry on eating rubbish all day long. I’m afraid to tell you that often isn’t the case! 🍔 ❌

Plan your Week – Staying organised and planning your sessions during the week will really help with motivation and holding yourself accountable. Plus, let someone else know and then they can hold you accountable too. A BIG help is bulk cooking at least one large meal for the day (e.g lunch). The moment nothing is prepeared, and you’re hungry… is the moment you reach out for something convenient which is rarely the best thing. 📆

Hike up your Neat (non exercise activity) – Taking your dog for a walk, getting off the bus 1 stop early and taking the stairs instead of the escalator are all ways you can up your non-exercise activity.

Weight Training – Regular sessions will improve your strength and fitness but also your posture, sleep, bone density and help to maintain weight loss, boost metabolism and fix joint pains. A lot of benefits!

Get Plenty of Sleep – Sleep suppresses hunger and signals fullness in the brain. Sleep deprivation forces the body to make more ghrelin and less leptin, increasing your appetite.

Be Consistent – The key to success! If you restrict yourself the chances are you will fall off the wagon and go back to your old ways. Find whatever works for you & stay consistent at it. Even if this means it takes longer to reach your goals, at least you will sustain your results.

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