Eat The Foods You Love And Lose Body Fat 🍰



People tend to think being healthy means:

⏩ Sacrificing the foods we love

⏩Cutting out all sugar

⏩Starting a detox diet

⏩ Eating chicken, brocolli and rice out of tupperware throughout the day

Truth is, these are all extremes.

We don’t have to do be extreme to get healthy and lose weight. 

So, how is it done?

1. Track Calories and Protein

Refusing to track calories is the same as trying to increase our bank balance, but not looking at our income and outgoings 😕

Count them or not, calories are still coming in, and still count ❗

So becoming aware of how much is VERY important. 

Without tracking, we have no awareness.

No awareness? No allowances for foods we love to eat. 

2. Be Accountable

Logging all the food we eat maintains a sense of control and discipline. 

It’s normal to overeat sometimes, just be aware and make adjustments the following day to cater for it!