3 Steps To Guarantee Results 🏹

There’s an abyss of conflicting information between what we should and shouldn’t be doing to reach our health and fitness goals. So let’s clear this up…

There’s only 2 steps needed to transform your health and body.

  1. Eating slightly less than we burn every day This is very important 🥕

Remember that time when you tried to lose weight by cutting out all the carbs and eating salads? I’ll bet it worked, but not for long. 

The real problem with that strategy is there’s too little energy coming in to support the body for functional health, let alone sustainable weight loss. This results in a drastic drop in weight, where it will stall… followed by a world class binge eating session which might leave you worse off than when you started. 

For this reason we need to eat slightly less than we burn. This makes losing weight sustainable and enjoyable, no foods off limits here… just a good, balanced diet is all that’s needed. Going for a run every day doesn’t last… it’s not for most people. If it’s not for you, don’t worry about it, it’s not the most effective way to burn fat. 

       2. Prioritising the right exercise 🏋️‍♀️

Creating a shapely, toned body requires some muscle. Creating muscle is easily done with short and very simple workouts. It also burns more energy in less time than going for a run!

An effective weight loss programme will have you getting stronger with ideally all of, if not some of the following movements:

  • Squat movement
  • Deadlift (bend/hinge) movement
  • Lunge movement
  • Pushing movement
  • Pulling movement
  • Twisting movement

     3. Track progress 📲

Showing up for a workout really isn’t enough… It needs to be tracked, measured and beaten each time. This is for your sake to keep you in the game long term.

I get it, working out is hard and can seem to take all the willpower in the world sometimes. Tracking will help cultivate a winning mindset towards your workouts which will make it easier to show up and do the work.

Trust the process!