How Roni Lost A Massive 3 Stone in 90 Days! 💪

Men & Women come to us for all kinds of reasons.

Most to lose weight, build up body tone, others to get stronger or fitter for themselves, their children or just for life in general.

Others due to health issues, needing to correct injuries or simply because they want a better quality of life.

Today I want to share with you an AMAZING story of a client who asked for more information on the Over 30’s Programme – >> Apply here

Roni, a time poor professional lost a MASSIVE 3.5 stone in 90 days ❗

He enquired about our Over 30’s Body Transformation Programme, and came in for a chat.

This is when we figured out his “WHY”, his reason and motivator to keep him going while on the programme.

It was to take control of his health, feel better, improve his energy and feel comfortable in his clothes. 

He felt stuck and started to accept that he could never lose the weight and be fit again, despite trying different fitness routines.

He was tired of being addicted to junk food and struggling with motivation. 

So we knew what he wanted to do, and what was needed.

We set a plan of action. 

And wow!!! He was on FIRE!

First we worked on the food, as this accounts for 80% of overall results.

We showed him a few simple tips so he could still socialise with freedom, having a few glasses of gin, eat tasty food, fit everything in around his very unpredictable work timetable…

And still get results…

We started training him 3 x per week, at times that worked around his busy life to get his arms, chest, back, belly and legs toned. 

He also started cycling 5k to and from work every day. 

The result speaks for itself.

Roni smashed the 8 week programme and kicked unhealthy habits to the curb. 

He is now more energised and motivated than he has been for years. 

Starting from knowing his why, setting a goal, and us fulfilling our promise to him. 

If you’re reading this and on the fence… it could be you!

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Andrew 🙂

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