Why Wine And Comfort Food Is Grinding You Down

Wake up feeling sluggish and tired at 6am. Have a coffee. Wake up kids at 7. Take them to school. Go to work. Meetings all day, little to no breaks. Finish at 6. Home, kids to bed at 7. Finish off some work. Feet up by 9 if you’re lucky. Wine. Comfort food. Bed between […]

Less Training, Better Results 🏆

I used to think training to complete exhaustion 3 – 5 x per week was the only way to progress. I always felt tired. Lethargic. Low on motivation. A daily battle to stay productive. I felt like quitting. But relying on willpower alone, I managed to keep it up. Did I enjoy training? No, not really. […]

Keep It Simple!

Transforming your health and body long term means doing two things: ⏩ Understanding food groups and calorie controlling the diet. ⏩ Adopting a training model that works for your goal, lifestyle and preferences.  The question is which training model do you need? If you’ve been largely inactive for years. And have 1 – 2 stone […]

Bodyright Newsletter 18.02.21

Hi everyone, hope you’re keeping well. Can you believe it’s mid February? I feel like this month has flown by. It’s been a tough start to 2021 and we are aware of that at Bodyright. We are continuing to support our clients during this difficult time. Need us? We’re here for you. 7 Things You […]

No Gyms, No Problem!

Find commercial gyms boring? Find they can be intimidating? Find them utterly overwhelming and stressful? This is very normal, all of our clients generally feel the same way. Heck, I even felt the same way. There are strategies to manage the stress, for example… – Not winging it and having a structure – Understanding alternatives […]

2 Steps To Train Effectively

How do I train effectively? 🏃‍♂️ Is a very frequent question we get. It depends. Men and Women over 30 come to us with different starting points, and different initial capabilities. Ranging from completely sedentary, suffering with joint pain, to elite runners looking to improve their performance. Although, looking at their training programmes, you would […]

How Roni Lost a MASSIVE 3 Stone In 90 Days! 💪

How Roni Lost A Massive 3 Stone in 90 Days! 💪 Men & Women come to us for all kinds of reasons. Most to lose weight, build up body tone, others to get stronger or fitter for themselves, their children or just for life in general. Others due to health issues, needing to correct injuries […]

✨The Most Efficient Way To Lose Weight✨

The Most Efficient Way To Lose Weight The most commonly asked question… “I want to lose x amount of weight in x amount of time. How can I do this?” And these are the things we always advise ⏬ Quit eating junk food – Seems pretty obvious but you would be surprised. Many people think […]

Low Motivation? Lacking Willpower?

This is the KILLER of long term success 🔪 It’s easy to complete hard tasks when we feel like it. Truth is, it’s how we act when we DON’T feel like it which makes the difference long term ⏬ Remember Your ‘Why’. This is a very powerful motivator, and easy to forget once we get […]

3 Key Steps to Guarantee Results

   3 Steps To Guarantee Results There’s an abyss of conflicting information between what we should and shouldn’t be doing to reach our health and fitness goals. So let’s clear this up… There’s only 2 steps needed to transform your health and body. Eating slightly less than we burn every day This is very important […]