Live Longer, Healthier & Pain Free ⭐

During our consultations, we always ask.. What is the best result you could achieve for yourself 12 months from now? 👉 Wanting to live healthier, feel younger and move pain free 👉 Wanting to live longer, move better and boost energy Are the most common answers we get. Usually…. Our clients have tried many times […]

STOP ”Sweating It Out” 😅

One of the largest mistakes people make is thinking more training will offset a poor diet. We ALL know… It doesn’t work. Yet people continue to stay stuck. 👉 Stuck, dropping in and out of hard routines. 👉 Stuck in the cycle of eating and drinking too much, followed by eating salads. 👉 Stuck, going […]

2 Simple Steps To Fix Pain & Stay Consistent

Recently, we had a consultation with a professional skateboarding coach. Years ago, he tore his meniscus and badly sprained his shoulder. Giving him constant daily problems.  Despite seeing countless physiotherapists… And trying their exercises for some time.. NOTHING was working.  Understandably, he felt demotivated.  Dropping in and out of routines constantly. Never seeing progress. With […]

No Gyms, No Problem!

Find commercial gyms boring? Find they can be intimidating? Find them utterly overwhelming and stressful? This is very normal, all of our clients generally feel the same way. Heck, I even felt the same way. There are strategies to manage the stress, for example… – Not winging it and having a structure – Understanding alternatives […]

AMAZING… How Neil fixed back pain lost 1.5 stone in 50 days! 👍

Men & Women come to us for all kinds of reasons. Most to lose weight, build up body tone, others to get stronger or fitter for themselves, their children or just for life in general. Others due to health issues, needing to correct injuries or simply because they want a better quality of life. Today […]

Stop Quitting with 3 Simple Steps 👍

Train once per week. Stay consistent 52 weeks of the year. You’re going to be 52 sessions better off than 1 year ago. That’s significant 🚀 Are you guilty of following routines which are totally unsustainable?? Feeling like you’re wasting your time if you don’t train most days?? I used to think I was wasting […]

3 Steps To Stop Eating Rubbish

Feel like you can’t stop eating crap, no matter how hard you try? I’ll start with some truths. I’m a real foodie. I get teased for how quickly I eat. I devour everything in my path. Family sharing pack of minstrels, inhaled. Family pack of doritos, inhaled. Just like my clients, just like everyone. I […]

Real People -> Real Results

Did you know we have over 30 5 ⭐ reviews? Below are just 3 of them: Our Over 30’s Health & Body Transformation Programme includes: ✅121 Outdoor Training, Building Strength, Mobility and Stamina 🏋️‍♀️ ✅Nutrition programming (you don’t have to give up wine) 🍷 ✅Accountability 🎯 ✅Guaranteed results 🏆 ✅24/7 support and guidance 🤼 Ready […]

3 Steps To Find Balance ⚖

Feeling uncomfortable in clothes Not happy with what you see in the mirror Enough is enough. Hit the gym, do lots of cardio. Try to eat healthier. Full on work schedule. Family to prioritise. 2 /3 weeks pass, life takes over, you’re missing sessions. Fitness routine slumps.. and stops. And so the cycle continues This […]

The KEY To Consistency 🔑

You decide to start playing guitar. Show up, strum away 5 x per week for 1 hour with no real structure.  Creating a whole lot of noise. Upsetting the neighbours… After 2 weeks of little progress (and hurting fingers) you hang it up.  Not for you.  Now… this approach is obviously insane…. Anyone can see […]